Starknet Airdrop Update | Starknet 空投更新

The Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Starknet is making changes to its token unlock schedule, with eligible Immutable X users and pooled Ether (ETH) stakers set to receive their next airdrop in April. The Starknet Foundation faced technical issues with some users in February but has now resolved them. Immutable X users who completed eight or more transactions before June 1, 2022, can claim their airdrop. Additionally, there were issues with pooled ETH stakers, which Starknet is addressing. The updated schedule follows concerns about the original plan allowing investors to dump their holdings. Despite criticism and a price drop after the February airdrop, Starknet continues to navigate challenges in its token distribution process.


以太坊第 2 层区块链 Starknet 正在更改其代币解锁时间表,符合条件的 Immutable X 用户和以太坊 (ETH) 权益持有者将于 4 月份收到下一次空投。

Starknet 基金会在二月份遇到了一些用户的技术问题,但现已解决。在 2022 年 6 月 1 日之前完成八笔或更多交易的 Immutable X 用户可以领取空投。

此外,Starknet 正在解决 ETH 权益持有者池问题。更新后的时间表是出于对最初允许投资者抛售所持股票的计划的担忧。

尽管在 2 月份空投后受到批评且价格下跌,Starknet 仍继续应对其代币分配过程中的挑战。

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